My name is Dean I'm 24 years old, I'm openly gay and currently here at John Morony C.C and am finding it ok here, however that's not to say it's been an easy journey.

In May/June 2015 I was assaulted by staff and have experienced much homophobia in prison. It's sad to see such hate behind these prison walls but through the system there are some that show love and hope :)

My interests lie in music mostly punk and hardcore as this style of music helps me express myself and how I am feeling. Other interests are pets I have a dog named Molly (pictured) and a cat named bella they both love to chase each other :)

I'm on this webpage in the hope of meeting new people and not only that but in the hope somone relates to me in some way, I hope to be an ear for someone who needs someone to chat to :) 

With that said I hope people keep safe and well and remember to keep your chin up. 

Lots of Love and Hope, 

Dean xxooxx

"Bella" The Fat Lazy Cat


"Molly" My Dog

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