My name is Karl Nuku, I’m 25- born on the 16th of October 1991- and reside in New Zealand. 

In 2011 I was convicted of Murder in the High Court, and was sentenced to a minimum non-parole period of 18 Years. I was further convicted of Aggravated Robbery and Possession of firearms in the District Court in 2014, and was sentenced to eight and a half years (concurrent).

I plead innocent to both charges and have maintained my innocence throughout (although I have maintained that I did witness the person being attacked, and helping to wrap him up, and subsequently transferring the body to another location – I did not attack, nor kill the victim; and indeed the Crown’s ‘star witness’ – Witness 29 - Anastasia Athena Papadopoulos (Bland) was responsible for his murder. She applied for immunity from prosecution, but was declined by the Solicitor- General; so instead she was able to claim privilege against self-incrimination whilst testifying (as long as she didn't admit to anything- the Police wouldn't charge her), and has managed to escape any accountability for her actions thus far. The Agg Rob case was even more of a fiasco – I was tied up, beaten, and then three months later after I was on e-bail for the Murder charges, the Police turned up at my address to charge me with the Agg Rob (I had been subjected to), and threw me back in jail – and this is where I remain to this day – still fighting my cause from behind concrete and steel!!!! Reference to my cases can be found on

Since my incarceration I have dedicated a lot of my time to studying, and gained my NCEA Level 1 and 2 in 2012, and have met the criteria to gain my Level 3 this year (2017). Over the years I have had numerous jobs, and could be likened to a latter – day househusband – landing/ shower cleaner; laundry – man; kitchen- worker; and even working in the light manufacturing workshop [so if you need a handyman in 2028  - I’m your man!!!].

Since August 2011 I have resided at Auckland’s Paremoremo Prison (NZ’s only MAXI Prison), moving around the Blocks and Units in cyclic – monotony. I hope to get back to my home town Prison: Linton (in Palmerston North) later this year, so that I can be closer to my Family.

Since being in jail I have come across all walks of life, and take people at face-value – and get to know them from there, rather that judging them on their charges (we are all people after all, and there’s enough stigmatism and judgement cast upon us from the System – so why should we perpetuate it!?!). I have found Love, and lost Love; and had a great insight into the failing of our ‘Justice System’ – and its supposed rehabilitation initiatives [but I suppose everything always looks better on paper, right…].

I Love to read and draw, and even partake in a bit of poetry. I’m in the terrible position of trying to teach myself how to play guitar, and I am succeeding and failing at the same time – but I love it; my worst problem is that I still can’t even tune a guitar (‘hey Mr, can you please tune this for me…’). I Love my music!!!! Without it you’d find me drowning in my toilet; or shaking in the corner talking to myself. I Love me some Manson, and Pink Floyd is a daily – requirement!!!! Other essentials include: Tool, Korn, Led Zepp, METALLICA, Slipknot, Dire Straits, Placebo, Muse, Rob Zombie – and all things good!!!!

I’m an out – of – it kind of guy, quite idiosyncratic, loud and outspoken, love my piercings and bright- coloured hair, and am completely open to talk to any walk of life (Demons and Alien life forms welcome). If you want to write to me personally, I’m currently at Paremoremo Prison, Private Bag 50124, Albany, Auckland 0752, New Zealand.

I have also just recently Petitioned Parliament for legislation to be enacted to enable Prisoners to be given the right to donate blood and organs and to have access to artificial insemination facilities so as to father a child (whether it be with a partner on the outside, or a surrogate). The latter aspect receiving a lot of negative media criticism from certain Politicians and the Corrections Minister; this caused me to write an open letter to the main Parties of Government and their MP constituents.

Please refer to the attached open letter addressing the Parties and Members of Parliament-

200617_Karl_Nuku_1.jpg image5

image2200617_Karl_Nuku_2.jpgimage6Open Letter Page 1


Open Letter Page 2

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