My name is Spencer Gary Siddle I’m 26 my Birthday is in April I’m an Aries Date of birth is 16/4/1990. I’m English, I moved from England to Oz in the 2000. I’m on this website looking for a penpal maybe someone that I could have a relationship with if I’m lucky. I’m in jail for sell and supply of meth and guns and 2 aggravated burglaries which I regret. I’ve been in jail for 3 years, I’ve got 2 years left, I’ve got 5 years all up. I should have got 7 years but I got time off for mental health issues which I am currently fighting against. I have a wicked mum that I am really close with she is like my best friend I have a step dad who is cool and treats my mum like she deserves. I have a little sister she is 14 who I love dearly and she gets her looks from me. My dad well we’ve only just started talking again which is good but for a while there we didn’t talk because I was so rebellious. Some girls like the bad boy but I wish I had arranged my act. If I had I wouldn’t be here meeting through this we would have been meeting through a nice dinner and wine. I have a few interests like playing soccer and when I get out, I will get back into it and join a club. I love ice-skating I used to have my own blades but now they don’t fit. I love going to the beach I’m usually a bit of a pretty boy and look good with my body but whilst I’ve been in jail I’ve put on a little weight but I’m slowly starting to get back into it and train. Would you like to hear something about well when I was in England I used to model, I was on TV adverts advertising Adidas clothes I was sponsored by Adidas. I used to be on the front cover of Sports magazines, feel free to ask me more about it, it would be pretty cool to get back into it but now I have tattoos I don’t think an agency would like that. I used to be black belt in jujitsu and kickboxing I was junior British champion I was in the paper for it. So having training some form of Material Arts is always for me because you never know when you might have to protect someone like your wife or kids. Speaking of kids I don’t have any but I would love to have kids someday. I look forward to being a dad. I am a plasterer for work wise but I want to study in youth work because I want to help kids before they get to a stage of what I’ve come and I would like to open up my own youth centre called ‘kids at war’. If I did that, that would make me feel like I’ve given back to the community and make up for all that I have taken from the community. I have many more things to talk about but if you are interested send me some and I’ll be glad to reply I hope you like the photos of me.


Spencer Siddle x