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Hi, I’m Phillip Smith.

Since 1996, I have been serving a sentence of life imprisonment for murder, which occurred within the context of an altercation with the father of a minor that I had been inappropriately involved with when I was between the ages of 16 (nearly 17) and 21. The aftermath of my terrible actions have been enduring for everybody involved, and to say that I regret what has happened would be an understatement. Sadly, regret cannot bring back what I have taken.

The time that I have spent within the prison environment has been a real journey. Improving all aspects of my troubled life has been a real focus for me. With input from many good people I have been able to successfully graduate from university, with two bachelor degrees; and to develop a range of other skills that enable me to ensure that past mistakes are not repeated.

My journey has not however been without controversy. Being involved with running a business and trading financial securities from prison created a political firestorm in 2011 when the conservative element of New Zealand expressed outrage at my success. Unfortunately, such narrow and punitive views failed to acknowledge the many benefits of a prisoner engaging in lawful, pro-social activities from within the prison environment. For the sake of absolving government officials from negative publicity I did however agree to restructure my various business interests into passive investments.

An alleged escapade to Brazil in 2014 has also ruffled a few political feathers.

My interests include health and fitness (I work out 6 days a week), information technology, social justice and law but to name a few.

In spite of being in prison, I maintain an active lifestyle, and I aim to make the most out of everyday. I consciously maintain a positive outlook whatever my circumstances.

I also practice forgiveness for the peace that it brings me; and for the transgressions that I have endured I do not think of myself as a victim, but as a survivor. As a survivor I have been empowered to move on with my life without being affected by negative emotions and old baggage.

Currently, I am working on a number of new projects, which keep me very busy. I have a mind that is always on the go and the status quo is not in my mental vocabulary.

I’ll aim to update my iExpress page with new information every few months. In the meantime, your thoughts and opinions would be welcome so please feel free to email me at your leisure. Alternatively you can write to me at: Private Bag 50-124, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand, 0752, or at  with Phillip Smith and PRN 17356562 in the subject line (attachments to this email are not allowed)

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011215 Phillip 2April 2016 Update

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What a year 2016 has so far been! Life in prison sure does have its moments that's for sure. To say it's a test of character would be an understatement. With that said, a positive attitude and a cool head will see me through the challenges that lay ahead, and I remain upbeat and focused on my goals. 

Hey, who has seen the new Star Wars movie? I really want to see it but sadly there's no DVD allowed in prison and USB sticks are a political no, no, much like smart phones and computers are. Too much paranoia around risk. 

Windows 10 looks like an improvement over Windows 8. Bringing back a proper start menu was a good move. The tile based desk top was rubbish - okay for a tablet, but not cool on a desk top computer or laptop. It would be good to see bitlocker as a standard feature though, rather than just for those who have Pro. 

Go Apple - creating a back door for big brother to access encrypted devices is a retrograde step for the protection of privacy - fight them all the way. My recommendation: encrypt all your devices now and use encrypted email such as PGP, you won't regret it, well, unless you forget your password or lose your encryption keys, in which case you might lol. 

Donald Trump is a bit of humour isn't he? I used to like him, I've even read a few of his books. But wow, as a politician, no way - too extreme for me. And um, pay for your own wall! 

Who likes Paul Henry? Personally I never used to because his conservative ideologies conflict with my liberal ones, but I have to give it to the man - his show is a good one. 

Go Wicked Campers - funny lol. But would I hire one of your cars, um, definatley not Freedom of expression should however trump political correctness. As offensive as the slogans are, what would be really offensive is limiting a fundamental human right guaranteed under the Bill of Rights Act. My thoughts: get a lawyer, and a good one. 

I'm a fan of Kim Dot Com, although he's dropped off the radar lately. Kim, where are you?

The Moment of Truth was great - I spoke with Glen Greenwald briefly in Brazil, but unfortunatley our interview did not go ahead thanks to the Brazilian Federal Police. Party poopers! I Can speak and write Portuguese so anyone wanting to correspond in Portuguese, drop me a line.

Okay - time for abs. Catch you again in June in time for my birthday. Tchau. 

Oh, um, could someone ask Ed Sheeran to come to the prison to put on a free concert for the boys?

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