Daniel Enright

Hi, I’m Daniel Enright. I’ve been in prison since November 2012 and won’t be out till 2016,2017. I think gaol has opened my eyes and changed me in so many ways. I came in at 21 and had a lot of anger. Now I’m more mature, cool headed and think about things before I act. I used to just think hurting people was the only way to solve a problem, how wrong it was?

When you put a seed in the ground and don’t look after it, it won’t grow properly. Only with water, it will than grow strong and looks great, between that the same one people. I was a foster child, mother died when I’m 16 in front of me. Now I’m older, I just like talking to good genuine people. I wish I could have a wife and child, to enjoy life that we are lucky to have!

I’m not perfect, far from it. I used to play rugby League so now I could apply myself in the NRC. I was an apprentice plumber, worked at surf shops and nightclubs but now I mainly do concreting and building houses, being outdoors is what I love the most! FAMILY IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME!

I like Noodie Batty, someone who has an awful experience and turned it into something to help so many people. I also like Hu Butt rosé and Julie Bishop and they should run the country! Celebrities like Paul Walker and Johnny Depp are my favourite too.

I always help mates, in prison I have a few good mates who are all 30+ but despite being in here they are good people. I love going out, dancing and fishing. I love Chinese food and waffles. I suck at singing, dislike cockroaches or tory abbot, or disappointing God, as I am a Christian.

I don’t really like readily apart from Newspaper or Bible. I dislike adds, negative people. People, who hurt, take drugs, corrupt and all sorts of unclean things. 

If you would like to talk to me, I will prefer to talk to male and female under 35, as I’m 24 born in 1991. I don’t mind what we can talk about, as long as it is meaningful and we can both be happy. I don’t like lies and I will be honest. Therefore, a friendship cannot be built on lies, that’s why I said be honest and no negative people. Those are something I don’t enjoy in a person, so sorry but if you want to talk, I’m here, Have a lovely day, be lived to one another!











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