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Hi, I'm Edward Simon but you can call me Eddie.

I am currently serving a sentence in Lithgow Correctional Centre and would like to find a pen-friend to converse with to help me pass the time.

I am 42 years old, Indigenous and originally from Sydney. I consider myself as very easygoing, friendly, open-minded with a good sense of humour.

I would hope to seek a female pen-friend for an honest friendship.

Thank you for your time!

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Hello to all whom are reading. I am really excited about this form of medium. To update my own webpage and more so, to have a voice. Yes, I have some really poignant opinions. I’ve experienced a lot in my life, so I feel I’ve a lot to share.

I love my sport, as stated. Mainly rugby league. “Go South” !Lol! Stoked that Mr Albanese is PM & a staunch SSTID (Sth Sydney Till I Die).Go ALBO! Just as Scomo was a SHARKY! I love all sports. I’m really getting into psychology and why we do things. The thought + feeling behind our actions. I’m very spiritual too. I’ve had dreams and then experienced them in real life. Am I psychic but don’t know how to connect? I don’t think so. I’d really love to connect with someone, anyone. Male or female. I am 49 years young. Still feel 25. I train a lot and of a solid build. Feel free to write to me through the post L.M.B 7 Cooma 2630. I’m currently writing a paper about aboriginal Australians. As I’m Indigenous, it’s a first hand account, if you like, on what I see as struggles and more so, how to move forward. What the Govt needs to do in my opinion. So please stand by the next 2 weeks and read on and please share. I’ll have access to an Ipad in the next 2 weeks hopefully, which should give me faster access to this page.

For now I’m sharing a painting I did for my son [Attatched]. This is a piece of me. This is my dreaming (Unfortunately it’s been cropped). But it’s of an emu. A totem of my mother’s Gamiloroi Tribe. In aboriginal culture the matriarch’s family is most revered So I mainly paint Emus * goanna’s (my dad’s totem). The Emu with an Emu egg represents re-birth, family. There are 2x Circular symbols above Emu which are meeting places. Here they tell of generations travelling through country symbolized by emu foot prints. Each print a generation before. There are 5 points (2 aren’t visible) traveling through circular meeting places learning what the past generations were to pass down. This painting is my son’s. I believe my son is about the 6th generation of my and my father and his father’s /soon) generation. The male symbol rectangle black symbol around the egg symbolizes my son. My son’s now 16 and a young man. This is my dreaming, passed onto my son. I have other paintings also. I’ve one I painted for my daughter also. Painting aboriginal art is an expression of myself, my culture and my dreaming. I am a proud Yuin man. I hope you too enjoy aboriginal culture, but I hope you enjoy your own culture and identity. I feel we all should both express and learn/accept all peoples and their story of identity. I will look forward to sharing more paintings and more stories. I’m excited to get feedback. Even if the feedback is of a negative tone. I’ll appreciate the honesty. And I hope it’ll be reciprocated in turn. I try to be as honest and transparent as I can. I am however a little impatient. Lol!

What more can I do to attract an eager mind? Well next for me is to get healthier, so as to live to 80 years old and beyond. My father unfortunately passed on last year 2021. He was 76 years old. A good man, who was very protective of his family. My mother has spoken to me for a few years now, and I really miss her. I have tried to reach out but no luck as yet.

Well bye for now, Hope you like my painting. I will share more soon, but please again, write to me at the address given. I’ll write expeditiously in response. Please do NOT feel shame or be hesitant. I’m very patient, open-mind and fair. I’ll hear anyone’s honesty. And hopefully they’ll respectfully give me that in return.

Until then, chin-up, keep smiling. It can always get worse. No matter your current predicament. So smile. We are valid, we are worthy. We must share ourselves with others!





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