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I am an inmate at Gallburn, and am looking forward to the opportunity  of communicating with people through iExpress. I am a good man, raised by my Mum and Sisters, and am looking forward to speaking with people who won’t judged me on the past but judge me on who I am.

I enjoy listening to different types of music. But my favourites are old songs by Madonna, Cold Chisel and Fleetwood Mac. Although I also like modern R & B.

I’m a big fan of sports.  When I was young, my fondest memories were water-skiing. Today I like watching the A-League and NRL. My favourite team is the mighty West Tigers. Go the Tigers!

I am very interested in Indigenous issues. I feel very proud when I see my Indigenous brothers and sisters on the outside doing well in their lives, be it sports or education. I have a lot of respect for the Australian Army, as my Brother has been serving the country for 27 years.

Looking forward to communicating with other people on the things I love,

Guy Gardner Roberts






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