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I have been locked up for 3 years I used to go-fishing a lot & I loved walking long distances as I haven’t had a licence.

I have two adopted brothers in my family who I love heaps.

I like to work labouring jobs mostly I like change everyday.

I had a dog Blue heeler kelpie he was, I named him Jack he was an escape artist & full of energy. I hope to get another great dog when I get out.

I like all music, I like playstation & I hope to get a job on a boat when I get out.

Left to right my best friend Duane Crosbie, then me holding my Nephew Geramy Hutchings. Then Jaykob Crosbie, Duane Crosbies son. Then my Niece Destiny Hutchings. Then my older brother Andrew Hutchings the father of my Niece & Nephew & then Craiglee one of my adopted-brothers also the dog in the picture is my dog Jack, he is now missing. I also have a sister Lisa Hutchings & a second Niece Laylarnie.







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