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My name is Luke David Taylor. I’m 24, born August 7th 1989 in the UK England, Wolverhampton. I moved to Australia when I was 16 with my mum, dad and sister. I started Plastering when I got here and continued until I was unfortunately arrested and locked up March 13th 2013.

I was arrested for running someone over while driving a car (with no license) and then fleeing the scene of a crime. It was an accident I did not mean to hurt anyone but I should not of been driving and I should not of been driving so fast and stupidly. I’ve been charged with dangerous driving causing GBH first of all. Then unfortunately the guy I hit died in hospital, so I was charged with manslaughter, then after spending a month or so in the remand centre, I was charged with murder. I’ve been charged with murder because they (the DPP) thought that me and the guy I hit were both kind of playing chicken. They think I saw him and expected him to move and he saw me and expected me to move. I have now made a deal with them to murder 3 which means that there was non intent to harm or kill but, I did something unlawful (driving the car illegally) which caused someone to die. So I have now pleaded guilty to murder 3 and are currently awaiting sentencing on July 22nd.

I am very upset that I did such a stupid thing and someone has lost their life. I wish I could turn back time! I think about this guy’s family all the time and I can only imagine how they feel. I am so sorry for what I have done. I know I deserve to be punished I really do, I just don’t think it should be murder. Dangerous driving causing death or even manslaughter would be closer I think. Everyone I’ve spoke to and told about my case thinks that murder is a bit too harsh too but there’s nothing anyone can do now. It’s too late! My lawyer and QC have both suggested pleading guilty to murder 3 and said that is my best outcome so that’s what I have done! I’m just waiting to get sentenced now!

Anyway since I’ve come to jail I have started painting and doing a lot of education, I want to do a university degree when I’ve been sentenced and moved to a more settled jail.

Yah I buy Australian artist and Artist Palette Magazines every month and I love watching colour in your line every Sunday at 5 on TV4ME. I really do love Art, all the different mediums and techniques people use to produce wonderful places of work! I’m not that good myself but love learning and watching others create!

On the outside I have my wonderful mum, sister, niece and friends and girlfriend here in Australia. My mum, auntie, girlfriend and a few friends come and visit me all the time, I dunno what I would do without them!

I also have my Nan and Grandad who are basically another mum and dad to me in England who write to me every week, so I do have a lot of support and every one who knows me knows that all of this was one big accident and I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. But as I have said it was still my fault I shouldn’t of been driving!

When I do eventually get out I want to stay here in Perth but as I’m only a permanent resident I don’t know what will happen. But I hope I can stay and marry my beautiful girlfriend Simone! The love of my life!

Well I don’t really know what else to say! Just email me I guess and I’m so sorry for what I have done!


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