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Good day. I am Damon Karger and this is my first webpage and email.

For the last 16 years, of 22; I have sat in a cell, losing slowly going backwards what was once approved and allowed, reading the odd computer magazines; those that could got through; allowed in once by S.A.'s Volunteers - Now all stopped!

See, I am also a gamer, given the chance I will build my own low-power gaming machince, learn to emulate sme of those RPG. RTS game; I love; that I have missed!

In a small country town, in South Australia, in the mid 80's, a small boy; 14 year old; played his 3rd game of '1942'; ever; 1X20 cent and play through at Possium's Corner deli, 3 1/2 hour water game beaten on one coin! I went on to beat mutiple coin games on their 1 play ammounts. My last was 'The house of the living dead' $2 play through. 

I havee been stuck on PS1; whilst the World moves on; trying to get and find titles that I haven't already spent 1,000's of hours on grinding and completing; then of course; to get said new to me sent in. 

I am not so worried as I once was; due to the facts, that I have learned some deep knowledge to 'How to play' older games, this will give me a good strating point, look and learn; once I am out; to find and set up; for a mate; a gaming PC and to sit back and remember a  time when my gaming was pure, was good and was strong.

I will love to MMO...RPG(Yes) RTS(Yes) FPS(Maybe)...

To play a modern space combat game and to find play my old school favorite 'Privateer' and it's expansion...

So Email if a friend; I have lost to time; or you are family or you want to learn more.

To those who are allowing me; or others; this opportunity 'Thank You'. 


Due to incoming mail issues at this Prison, I am unable to receive any email print offs at this time. So if you still require contact with me, then please post a letter to:

Damon Karger


PO Box 441


SA 5606

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