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Saeed Dezfouli is a forensic patient who has been in detention since 19 January 2002. During this time, his rights have constantly been abused. He is still being held in the highest security facilities, despite being a non-violent patient. Saeed's battle represents the universal struggle of mental health patients against the State's threats to the integrity of the human person. It concerns the right to not be assaulted, the right to education, and the right to health care- all of which are breached in Saeed's case. Alarmingly, the State's callous indifference and abuse of patients rather than fulfilling their duty of care is the worst expression of community responsibility.
Saeed brought proceedings in the Supreme Court, regarding a review of his treatment, held on February 2010. Mr. Dezfouli sought the following orders:


  • That the forensic hospital cease forcefully medicating him against his will;
  • That he be given access to a computer donated to the hospital by the students of the University of NSW for educational purposes; and
  • To cease psychiatric treatment from his then-current psychiatrist to be replaced with treatment from a psychiatrist of his choice.


The reaction of the State to this case in imposing costs orders against Saeed's primary carer Mr. Brett Collins is appalling and highlights the significant problems with government bureaucracies in dealing with challenging people at the individual level.


Saeed is a focus person on the Justice Action webstite, see more about Saeed's case here


The determination of Saeed has lead his fight to involve the Prime Minister of Australia, the Premier of New South Wales, the Attorney General and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Click here to view some exchange of correspondences. 





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