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Tony Grosser; 

The Most Shot At By Police In The World; 1830 Rounds "Wounded But Survived!"

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Tony Douglas Grosser

Via Justice Action

PO Box 386

Broadway NSW

From rapid fire gunman to Pastor in prison:

My name is Tony Douglas Grosser. I have been in prison for over 19 years, after a huge gun battle with South Australian elite Star Force Police. Over 1,000 rounds of ammunition were fired each by police and me. The SA Police admit to firing 1,760 rounds on 3.5.1994.

Staying alive in the gun battle was a miracle itself for me and hundreds of miracles have happened since 1994 of Holy Ghost appearances, holy Angel appearances, holy healings, holy prophecy and holy signs and wonders. (Acts 2; verse 43 covers this).

Since 29.5.2013 up to 29.8.2013, twelve men, God and me as his servant, have born again and baptized by water and faith to God the Father, Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God and to the Holy Ghost the Spirit of God.

 The Australian Christian Churches, The Baptist Church at Clovercrest SA, the Lutheran Church, Elijah Ministries Adelaide SA (Richard Hawke, Pastor), Lincoln Community Church at Port Lincoln SA (Rob Santostefano, Pastor), New Covenant Ministries Batemans Bay NSW (Keith Banks, Pastor), Sisters of Mary at Camden NSW, Seventh Day Adventist Church People, Catholic Believers in Lord Jesus Christ as the only Mediator to God, plus other Christian denominations support the Baptisms in Yatala Prison in 2013 plus have supplied certificates of baptism to all that God and I have baptized and born again. These Christian dominations and others support me and I ask God to bless them for this.

Click here for a summary of my case history, prepared by Bev Goode.

Article about the South Australian NCA bombings:


Here is a 1979 Loans document, which shows evidence to support my story.


I See A Sea song


Holy Spirit Healing Story


When do we go to heaven.

Click here for scriptures.

A New Person,You.


Article enclosed on Mr Mick Skrijel. He gave evidence at my trials for me. A good man who dobbed in crooked cops in the drug trade in SA and police ruined him; as they did me; 1991 onwards when I put in the same group of corrupt police; and associates.

Heroin by the hundreds of kilos were (and still are) coming in to Southend, South Australia, by large boats from Indonesia, China, Europe. They dump the heroin in the sea in floating containers and small boats pick it up with "SA Police Protection." Most of Australia is supplied its heroin this way. Each country has its own coloured containers for this smuggled heroin. Indonesia - Green, China - Red and Europe - Blue; I am told. Mafia and SA Police run this trade; still today; I am told. Huge $.

Click here to read the article.


Real good being out of the big house!

Released on 20/4/16 from the SA prison system. About 7 months now. After 22 years years in prison it is taking time to adjust back to normal life. I am about 'half way' I feel to getting back to normal; after being locked away. Prison programmed, I see a good forensic psychologist weekly still who has been a big help to me, to adjust to non prison life. 


Hello Justice Action. 21 Hugs.

I love you all.

About 2pm today on 25/5/15 Mr Len Corby and I went to see Ronnie our friendly bull. He was sleeping by the turkey shed near the lake, on the green grass. He heard us talking and slowly got up. 

I said, “Ronnie, you look like you have been at the pub for a week”. He seemed to agree with a yawn. Then he wanted hugs, eyebrow rubs, scratch and stories. We did all this and he let me tickle his left foot. A bull having his foot tickled is unheard of. 

We had a spell in the turkey shed and I noticed a huge swarm of flying ants above me, by about a meter. Thousands of thousands of them. The unusual thing was the flying ants flew above me for hundreds of meters as we walked back to home base. Near home they just vanished. Most unusual. They were in a swirling column about 3 or 4 meters in the air above me but did not touch me at all. Right above my head they stayed; a swirling mass of flying ants. They have done this last year here also; staying about a meter above me and going way up in to the air for meters.

It could be Lord Jesus Christ sends the insects to me as a present. I have never seen or heard of flying ants flying above someone for 1 hour or so in uncountable numbers and travelling with the person; for a kilometre of so as they walk along. (Unheard of). I give Lord Jesus Christ the praise anyway.

Back to Ronnie!

Tuesday 26/5/15 about 2pm Ronnie was lying down in the paddock watching trucks and cars driving along the main road from Port Lincoln to Ceduna on the way West to Perth. So we joined in, saying “Hello Ronnie, can you see any good cars?” Do you need any scratch mate? He needed scratch and tickles on his back and ears. He loves this and always wants more as we leave; and puts his foot out for tickles now. I rub his leg and foot with leather gloves on my hands. He quivers! He head goes lower and lower as he lies on the ground. He almost goes to sleep as I tell him stories and tickle his foot. He wakes up when I stop.

Ronnie is such a blessing to us; for stress relief. . He is probably the only bull in the world that lets his foot be tickled.

Beautiful teddy bear looking cow number 45 is very friendly now. She saw Ronnie getting all the attention and has joined in. She is chocolate brown in colour and very solid in her build. She comes to me at my call to her; “45 come over here for hay and stories.” She runs over to me and lets my rub her eyebrows and neck area. She licks my hand to show her feelings.

She is gorgeous.

She likes me to rub her head with a handful of hay in my hand. All over her nose and ears and eyebrows. She comes closer as I do this. She will not let me tickle her feet; yet though. Maybe later.

Back to Ronnie.

Wednesday about 2PM Ronnie was standing in the huge old turkey shed that has a roof but no doors; open sides. I had a talk with Ronnie about all important topics that I was interested in from about 1 meter away. After a few minutes he moved closer to me; about 10 cm away. He wanted scratch. So he got scratch and stories on 27/5/15, 2pm. He follows me around and rubs his head on me gently. Ronnie is a great friend.

Seagulls and Cows

Thursday 12/6/14 at 8am I left the Bluefin unit at Port Lincoln Prison and walked about 100 meters to our farm workshop shed. I put on heavy duty boots and leather gloves, had a hat on and heavy duty Bisleybrand jeans. I signed out a claw, hammer and picked up staples to repair the fences in wild bush country about 5000 meters over the hills from the prison.

Another prisoner Mr Robert Andrews and I went off to put staples of steel in to wood posts that prison cattle had damaged by bending or breaking the fences.

Near the huge prison lake were cattle so we had a talk with them. One young cow ate grass from our hand.

Off we walked about 1000 meters to the fresh water lake end. Lots of brown ducks on the lake and black swans. “Special grass” like a carpet 15cm thick was in a large patch by the lake edge. I lay down on this grass and it was like “velvet wool”. Could have gone to sleep there so easily. After a few minutes off we went along the lake fence line putting in a few staples.

Suddenly “countless” swallow birds surrounded us, zooming in to about one metre or less from us. “Hundreds” of graceful swallows all around us. They were playing with us; getting so close to us as they zoomed past us. After about ½ an hour of this and me talking to them; they lined up on a fence line that crosses a creek/ small river. Hundreds of them, I spoke to them saying: “OK which one of you is Heccles or Jeccles? You all look the same.” They let me get to centimetres from them. So dainty and pretty they are. Black, grey and white feathers and black delightful eyes.

Then off they flew around us again and gradually left until they were all in the distance. Absolutely amazing this was from about 8:30am to 10 am on Thursday 12/6/14.

We repaired the fences and started to walk slowly back towards the prison. We crossed a small river that runsfrom the lake; avoiding the boggy spots, up a small cliff we went and on to a paddock absolutely full of yellow flowers. Millions and millions of yellow small flowers as far as your eyes could see. I sat down to look at the carpet of yellow flowers that are similar to canola flowering. These are wild flowers (African Daisies?) I was in awe at the whole paddock; say 40 hectares of yellow flowers. I sat on an old tractor tyre by the lake, just looking at this floor of yellow flowers, for five minutes or so.

Continuing on back to the prison at the top of the last hill suddenly the swallow birds were around us again, around and around they flew. Zooming in close to us, so close I thought some may touch us. They were sayings “goodbye” it seemed. Then suddenly they were gone. Wild swallow birds do not normally do this.

 I believe God sent them. (Bible Quote 1 Kings 17:6)

*Healing of a 72 year old Bulgarian man in Prison*

Mr Dragni Encheff, born on 9/4/1942, in Bulgaria was in Port Lincoln Prison around mid-2014. He was very ill, "coughing up blood" where ever he walked. Prisoners were complaining about the blood on the ground.

I Tony Grosser, asked Dragni if he would let me have a healing prayer in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. Yes he said. "Now is the time to do it" I said. I got a chair and sat Dragni on it near the outside telephone in Bluefin Unit. I put my hand on Dragni's shoulder and asked Lord Jesus Christ to forgive our sins and to please heal Dragni of his blood loss and coughing problems by the Holy Ghost Power. this was on a Friday night. The blood loss and coughing problem was healed in two days. On Sunday 2pm Dragni came to church, healed and saved. 

Also, Mr Dragni Encheff 144865 came to Port Lincoln Prison Church today 18/09/14 and was very happy as he is healed by Lord Jesus Christ at Tony Grosser's hand on prayer. Dragni shook my hand and had a huge smile on his face that told the story. He looked younger than 72 today.

Dragni was in such a bad way before the healing prayer that he was holding his throat with his hand as he walked very slowly across the lawn area of Bluefin Unit at Port Lincoln Prison. He was near death. Now he is blessed and healed by the Son of God. Amen.

Statement by Tony Grosser - Letter to God 


 ‘God Walking With Us in 2014’                                                         27 January 2015

Mr Tony Douglas Grosser

I Tony Douglas Grosser and Mr Len Coaby were working on the Port Lincoln Prison Farm of about 1000 acres around the middle of December in 2014. Len is a 31-year-old Aboriginal man and I am a Christian.

We walked out to the lake area where the creek runs out to the big swamp area of Port Lincoln in South Australia. As Christians we often discuss bible topics as we walk to dig out unwanted onion weed and boxthorn and star thistle. About 2000 meters from the prison is this creek and lake area that is a rugged, rocky area that wild black swans like. I have been teaching Len all about salvation by Lord Jesus Christ so that Len can bring “The Gang of 49” to salvation and away from a life of crime in Adelaide SA.

As we stood about 50 meters from the lake on the creek edge, a very, very strange thing happened in December 2014.

A strip of water about 3 to 7 meters wide on our right side started to rise up and hover. This was like thousands of living creatures jumping out of the water. This strip of water moved down the creek like living water, moving at about a man’s walking pace and out to the middle of the lake. From the South to the North this living water moved, for a hundred or more meters in distance until out of sight. A hovering gentle noise was also present. We both felt blessed.

Only today, Tuesday 27/01/2015, both of us near the same creek and lake area being filed again with the holy spirit about 2pm realized instantly, that in December 2014 we had seen God the Holy Spirit walk on the water by us, leading the way. Many other miracles also have happened recently.

Genesis Chapter One Verse Two in the Bible helps explain this.


T. O. Grosser 



Shock Jockey Articles 

Ronnie the Bull 30/4/15

Ronnie the Bull (continued). 

Ronnie the Bull



scan0012.pdf - letter

scan0014.pdf - letter

scan0015.pdf - ICAC article










02/04/15 Ronnie The Bull Story.pdf

08/04/15 Ronnie The Bull Story Continued.pdf







Experiences with God

I See A Sea

Written July 2016

Verse 1

When you’re sitting in that chair, what do you see?

Is the weight of evidence, just too heavy to read?

For all the trouble it’s worth, will you turn a blind eye too?

It’s time now for the scales to weigh on The Blue

Verse 2

When a good man warned the Blue, of what was to come

How could he have known, they’d come to kill him with their guns

When the man’s integrity, saw him jailed for an eternity

It’s time now for the scaled to weigh on The Blue


I see a sea, what do you see?

Don’t be afraid, to put the facts on show

It’s a forgone conclusion, a kick the crown is expecting

It’s time now for the scales to weigh on The Blue

Verse 3

Corruption is a brotherhood patrolling our neighbourhoods

Denials by our premiers, par for the course

Domenic a scapegoat, to cover up the truth

It’s time now for the scales to weigh on The Blue

Verse 4

When the truth is on the left, the Blue look to the right

The evidence is plain as day, and darker than the night

Every South Australian deserves to know the truth

It’s time now for the scales to weigh on The Blue


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