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 Hi everybody,

It is such a privilege to be able to express myself through this platform to others and perhaps those find themselves in similar circumstances to myself.

My life journey thus far is a story in itself. One of the unbreakable rules of story telling is, that it must have a beginning; they are important, we look back and them through the medium of our memories and what we find, often defines who we are today. Of course, they don’t have to define us, but the reality is that they typically do, and affect us more than any of us care to admit.

Usually, it is often the case that they can drive us onward and upwards or alternatively spiralling downward and out of control. Whether we realise it or not, each of us are compiling stories, by banking memories, adding to them, storing them up for the day when we cash them in, when we can sit back and reflect on the things we’ve done, the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met and the experiences we’ve had.

Some of us, in fact many of us, are running away from our memories and trying to forget our experiences or trying to erase them by how we live in the present. We try to smother those experiences with alcohol, *** and a multitude of other vices. But that’s an exercise in futility. All we are essentially doing is extending our nightmares and adding more experiences that, sooner or later, we will have to work harder to deal with. We all want to leave our mark on the world-a legacy. We all want our story to be heard, to be told to strangers. We all want to be forever remembered, immortalised…somehow. We want it all to have meant something. However meaningless IT might seen, we still want our lives to mean something.

We want to be heard, to be noticed, accepted and admired. Who knows what we really think and what we feel? – Who knows our story? – Who can see the world as we see it? – Who can see through our eyes? We are our own interpreters. We make our own experiences in our own unique way. No two stories are ever the same. No story is ever understood universally. We all read it and understand it in our own unique way. We can all take lessons from it.

Yet there is one story, a cosmic story, that has, and continues to be written, and is constantly being told. We are living in it; we are a tiny microscopic part of it. It’s called life! When understood, it gives our own stories meaning. It adds hope to our memories and it supersedes all of our interpretations.

My story is certainly a journey from despair to one of hope. Years of abuse had generated a lot of my out-of-balance attitudes towards authority and life itself, but I refuse to allow my troubled experiences to become an excuse to stay trapped in rebellion.

The moment we allow past experiences to dominate either the present or future, we are headed for major problems in our lives.

Unless we change the mental conditioning of our own minds, we will live out our lives with the potential for greatness locked away inside of us.

If you’d like to know more about me or my story, feel free to e-mail me or write to me directly: Lithgow Correctional Centre, PO Box 666, Lithgow NSW 2790. If you would like a free copy of my book, please contact me with your contact details and I shall endeavour to have a copy forwarded to you.

Take Care All,

God Bless

Darren Kapitano



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