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Hi, I'm Graham. I'm currently doing a 36 years sentence at Goulburn gaol. I have spent most of my adult life behind bars, and that won't change in the near future.

My lawyers of 25 years, Ross Hill and Associates, have been tremendous and continue to fight. They go the extra mile and give me the best chance to get the best possible results, and I'm very grateful to Ross and his team.

I have no family to speak of, a 26 year old son Jhavid who I hope to reconnect with, and my 5 and half year old son CJ who is very clever, adorable, well mannered, and loves his mommy Paula. We are not together since mid 2013, however she and I love our son, and that's the most important thing. Not being there for CJ (and to help mum) kills me, and I try to do all I can whenever I can.

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I'm originally from Queensland and don't get many visits. I wanted to return home to QLD but the powers that be seemed anxious to keep me in NSW, so here I'm stuck.

I love doing art, and because I have no family etc to send me a few dollars now and then I try to make lovely bespoke greeting cards for birthdays, Fathers and Mothers Day's, baby births, and other special occasions. Maybe I could take orders by email!? The drawing I've enclosed are not colour or very good copies but I hope they are clear enough, the originals are always so much better.

A few of the guys have one planning on creating a webpage, and think this is a terrific idea. Thank to Justice Action.

I look forward to seeing who may see my webpage and might email, or write (my min number is 238795) by snail mail. So often it's been frustrating, the prison system is stuck in the electronic dark ages, so access to email to help existing (and maybe new) friends is great! Looking forward to seeing how it goes. TTFN.


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