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John McCann 

Hi, I’m John McCann and I recovered from twelve years of severe depression between 1996-2007 as a result of an Art Therapy Group at Springwood Neighbourhood Centre in combination with exercise and a regime of fish oil tablets as prescribed by the Black Dog Institute under Professor Gordon Parker in 2002. 

Unfortunately my marriage broke up shortly afterwards and I ended up in jail following a home invasion of my house in March 2011.

While in prison I received great support from my friends in the art community in the Blue Mountains who have supported my artistic pursuits (portraiture, landscapes, photography, poetry and creative writing).

After multiple appearances before the NSW State Parole Authority, my parole was eventually granted on the 3rd March 2016. My brother Terry picked me up from Bathurst gaol and took me to my flat in the Blue Mountains.

I have since re-joined the local art group and I am attending the Sketch Club at Julian Ashton Art School in The Rocks once a week. I am enjoying taking my grandkids to their soccer games and joining in family functions with my large extended family.

I still think of my friends behind bars and I am trying to get in touch with them by post.  

Screen_shot_2016-07-14_at_4.39.41_PM.jpg  Screen_shot_2016-07-14_at_4.41.00_PM.jpg

                        Me and Reuben                                   Emily's baby shower for Alfie, Faulconbridge, 30 May 2015

Screen_shot_2016-07-14_at_4.41.12_PM.jpg  Screen_shot_2016-07-14_at_4.41.28_PM.jpg

                                 Family Group                                                                  My seven daughters 

Below are some of my works, including: sketches 'My Brother Jim', and 'Hitchens Coo-Ees at Springwood' and a paiting 'Lake Scene'.  

Artwork 13/07/2016

Screen shot 2016 07 22 at 2.32.53 PM

Lake Scene

Screen shot 2016 07 22 at 2.27.23 PM

Hitchens "Coo-ees" at Springwood - 1915

Screen shot 2016 07 22 at 2.28.10 PM

My Brother Jim

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