How it Works


How it Works

iExpress has a few platforms:

  • Prisoner Profiles for the personal statements and letters of prisoners to feature online; and
  • An email service for prisoners to send and receive email messages from friends and family via a controlled and censored medium
  • Prison Profiles that show detailed information regarding all prisons in Australia and New Zealand

Each of these services is under the direct control of the Justice Action team, who actively review content to ensure that the service fulfils the aims of iExpress.

iExpress is proud to be a project which has the support of victims' groups and is able to maintain this support by ensuring that: 

  • iExpress operates as a positive act of community development. Justice Action will NOT publish webpages including anything defamatory, aggressive or showing ill will. Justice Action requires all participants uphold these principles.
  • The prisons' censorship of letters entering and leaving prisons still strictly apply to all material.
  • Emails passing through iExpress are not unlawful, aggressive or offensive, according to community standards.

If you have any concerns or questions, please send an email to