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Risdon Prison Complex




Below is official information. 

The reality is very different as was shown in the NSW Inspector's Report.

 We ask people who have personal experience to fill in the online Questionnaire so we can publish reports on the iExpress website.


Name of General Manager


Year of Establishment


Postal Address


Street Address

672 East Derwent Highway, Risdon Vale

How to Get There

There are buses to and from Hobart which stops outside the prison complex

Phone no.

(03) 6216 8180





Number of Staff


Health Care Services

A medical clinic, consulting rooms, pharmacy and a hospital with six primary care provided at each of the facilities by the Correctional Primary Health Services

Education & Skill Development


Level of Security

Medium - Maximum

Availability of Activities


Contact with Outside World

Visiting times:

Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday

Visit Times

09:15, 10:10, 13:30, 14:30 and 15:30

*Bookings made in advance

Time Out of Cell