Oberon Correctional Centre

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Below is official information. 

The reality is very different as was shown in the NSW Inspector's Report.

We ask people who have personal experience to fill in the online Questionnaire so we can publish reports on the iExpress website.


Name of General Manager

John O’ Shea

Year of Establishment


Postal Address

110 Gurnang Road via Shooters Hill Road, Oberon NSW 2787

Street Address

110 Gurnang Road



How to Get There

Private Transport:

Follow the Great Western Highway past Katoomba. After about 28km you will come to a steep hill, just after the historic village of Hartley on your left. As you begin to climb, you will see a signpost to Oberon/Jenolan Caves. Turn left.

You are now on the road which leads to both Oberon and the Jenolan Caves. Follow this road for 24km after which you will see a turn-off to the right to Oberon. Take this turn.

You have now left the road to Jenolan Caves and are on the road leading to Oberon. Follow this road for 20km and you will see a turn-off to the left called Titania Road. At this junction there is a small green sign with yellow print showing "Correction Centre".

Take this turn-off to the left and follow this road for 4km. You will come to a T intersection. Turn left - do not be alarmed that you are again on a road to the Jenolan Caves. You will very soon leave it.

After 2km, you will come to a turn-off to the right directing you to Shooters Hill, Butter Factory Lane. At this junction there is another small green sign with yellow print showing "Correctional Centre". Take this turn to the right.

Follow this road for 23km. You will come to an intersection just veering to the left with signposts directing you to Yerranderie and Mt. Werong. Once again you will see the small green sign with yellow writing directing you to the correctional centre.

Take this, veering to the left, and follow this road for 6km. (Drive carefully, as this is a rather rough gravel road and you may occasionally meet large logging trucks).

After 6km, you will come to a turn-off to the right with a signpost declaring "Oberon Correctional Centre". Turn to the right and follow this road for 1km until you reach the Correctional Centre.

There is one car park at the Centre with ample parking for visitors.

Phone no.

(02) 6335 5248





Number of Staff


Health Care Services


Education & Skill Development

Various industries are available:

Manufacturing furniture, timber products, farm, afforestation, maintenance and other types of service work

Courses and vocational trainings provided by AEVTI are available

Level of Security


Availability of Activities


Contact with Outside World

Visiting days and times:

Saturday and Sunday



Time Out of Cell



Young Offender Programme is operated to separate younger inmates from older, hardened inmates, and prepares them for eventual release.