My name is Brett Hudson and I am 40 years of age and currently incarcerated in prison in Western Australia. I wanted to set up a web page in order to interact with others and express some of my experiences that I have had in life and also in dealing with being incarcerated. 

I have been in and out of prison now for the best part of 20 years, yes I am a drug user and this has been a big part of my downfalls. I would like to talk a bit about my experiences in prisons over the years and I often wonder if others that have been incarcerated suffer or experience the same problems that I have in dealing with being in prison. 

My experience is that being placed in prison is not the answer and has not done me and I suspect many others one ounce of justice. I often feel that being in prison has not helped me in dealing with life once released and has been totally detrimental to my life on many levels. 

Some of the positive aspects of my life are my interests and hobbies; I have multiple interests perhaps too many to accomplish in my life. Some of my interests are: working with or on computers, this includes software and applications; I also enjoy working on cars and motorbikes. 

Some of my hobbies are: camping, travelling around the country, fishing and dirt bike riding. I also enjoy gardening. 

I'm currently studying cert 4 work health and safety (WHS) and cert 4 business. I endeavour to run my own business in the near future. 

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