Bradley Mottram is a 21 year old man currently serving time at MRCC Silverwater Correctional Complex.

Throughout his correspondence with Justice Action, Bradley has showcased his incredible mind through the plethora of introspective poems and prose he has written about his life experiences, some of which are linked below. While he has struggled with addiction in the past, Bradley nevertheless looks towards a brighter future through his unwavering faith. His positive attitude towards the unfortunate circumstances he faces portrays him as an open-minded and intelligent fellow.

So far, his time in prison has allowed him to reflect and reach new heights of maturity, both personally and in his writing. Should he be released, Bradley chooses to embrace his time on the inside as a reminder to never take anything for granted again.

This poem is a very precious one to me. It is a tribute to my mother who passed away just before I came to gaol. I styled it on Allen Ginsberg's poem of the same name.

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Aisle and Cyanide:

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Solitude Death Threats:
The beautiful poison of Illusion.
We are fighting against any cause for we are the men without souls, without mind. 
We live in the Age of Wonder - then why so many sick? 
Broken ribcages, starving children. 
Truly this is the Age of Disgrace. But sighs are whimsical things that shapeshift and morph into Lies. 
I feel like I am severed from my brain, a stalk of opportunity.
Fucking dogs! My ass is itchy from bed bugs. Alas, I am now alive so I must suffer but they won't break me.

Oh Melancholy Mother, Stand & Weep:
Oh melancholy mother, stand & weep, for your child has died.
Weep and be born anew as a foreign thing, an ant. 
Let your inhibitions vanish and follow your mad catcalls: this then is how to attain Vision.
Spiders eat my eyes and I am nothing more or less than Loss, Regret, Sorrow. 
You must be careful what you say in Gaol for every cunt's a spiner. 
Every cunt is broken unique. 
Once again I am going insane. 
But at least...

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