Hello to all! My name is Clinton Freudenstein, but please call me Frodo. Yes, as in Lord of the Rings, the hobbit. Currently I am in prison in Western Australia for crimes I didn’t commit, and having access to resources in the prison environment is scarce.

I have 3 children; 2 sons and 1 daughter. Both my sons are 10, and no they are not twins, my daughter is aged 6. I guess you could call me an athletic person, who enjoys his sport. I love my tennis over all sport, but enjoy badminton and table tennis also. I have been in prison for over 5 years, and so far would estimate I have paid around $100-300 for legal materials, faxes, photocopying, appeal references etc.

Since moving to self-care within Acacia Prison, my neighbour and I have been campaigning for positive changes within Western Australian prisons; such as no charge for legal photocopying, appeal references, white papers, implementing an email system for prisoners to contact courts and most importantly access to computers with Word and ability to print, as well as a database linked with the Supreme Court of Western Australia and a legal library.

Currently I am very, very busy, because I am studying Year 11 Maths and English, as well as attending 2 chaplaincy courses, and on top of all of this I am doing a Certificate 3 in Personal Training. So yeah, I’m busy! Not to mention every lunch I work out for 1 hour and a half, and on Saturdays I play 2 hours of tennis. Oh yeah I forgot, Monday to Sunday at 5pm to 6pm I go to the gym, generally for badminton. I guess you could say I don’t get much ME time, well until lockdown.

This time is for me to relax, and I enjoy writing poetry. Most people tell me my poems are really, really good but are sometimes negative. I guess I’m writing about my own experiences in prison over the past 5 years.

I originally come from Canberra, where I was enrolled in the very first French and English system in 1984 at Telopea Park in Barton. I went to Telopea from kindergarten to Year 10. I used to speak French fluently, but not anymore sadly.

One thing though I’d like to say: there is a certain someone out there that I owe a great debt of a magnitude incomprehensible. For if it were not for this person, not only would I be worse off, I would have never reconnected with the Lord our God. More importantly this person taught me how to offer my prayers and to forgive the people that placed me in prison; by giving my burden, so my anger, pain, ill thoughts 100% to the Lord our God! Sure it was not an easy task, and it took time. So much, in fact, it took me a while 2 years! But I did it! I can now say I honestly have forgiven the people that helped and placed me in prison. So a massive THANK YOU TO MY DEAR FRIEND BOB.

I guess my point is this: have you got someone out there in your life, that YOU hold accountable, or have ill wishes for, vengeful thoughts, anger, jealousy, rage, etc. Well if so, bear with me now, give all of that hate and anger to the Lord our God in prayer and ask for him to fill your heart, body, soul and mind with love, compassion, forgiveness, and the Holy Spirit! Now, don’t get me wrong here ok, it is not going to be instantaneous. No. It took me 2 years to forgive the people that put me in prison. So like I said, don’t expect it to occur at the nap of your fingers! Take the time, pray, and ask for forgiveness to fill your heart, and in time it will!

To all the kind lovely people who took in their care a Staffy cross Malamute named Simba in 2010 from the Rockingham Storage; thank you for looking after my dog, my best friend. God bless you.

May the Holy Spirit enter you and bless you all.