Hello, I'm Darren Ashley and I have been in a Darwin/ N.T. correctional centre for over 3 years. This is my first personal webpage and I feel honoured to have the opportunity to present myself on i-express.

I was born in 1965 in Nottingham in the U.K., living in Australia most of my life. I have been married and divorced with children and now have grandchildren as well. I am a tiler by trade and had my own buisness working on major construction sites with bushwork. I also worked as a mechanic, almost finishing my apprenticeship. I used to build my own drag-races motors and reuild old classic muscle cars.

My hobby is motorsports> I drag-raced in Alice Springs where I won the 2012 best street race car trophy. I have never smoked, athough I drank socially.  love wildlife, historic sites and scenery. I have hazel coloured eyes and consider myself fit for my age, although I've been told I look younger than I am.

During incarceration, I completely tiled 2 floors for the courses, whilst I had a job as the kitchen storeman. I have never had any misconducts, being a medium security. My conviction is under appeal with my family, friends and penpals support.

My penpals in a Brisbane prison are Sarah - Jane ans Mary - ann. Mary - anne was discharged and I wish her the best of luck. In Darwin my penpals are life long friends Tahlee and a mate Damien. I am in regular contact with my children and grandchildren by phone and correspondence.

I am always happy to make friends and exchange adventures> I am not a violent person, despite the existing stigma and living in a hostile environment.

My saying is: That friends ar elike stars, you dont' always see them, but you know they sre always there. The photos below are the XYGTs I used to own and drag-race.

Thankyou for your time, Kind regards,
Darren Ashley.