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Hi I'm Robert James Andrew (Known as Jockey) and I am currently at Port Lincoln Prison. This is my first Web page and I feel honoured in getting help from 'Justice Action'.

As I'm in prison, I feel that I have been totally let down by the 'Criminal Justice System', as there has been a 'Miscarriage of Justice' in my case and my trial was unfair.

I used to be a Jump Jockey when I first started in racing, and I used to ride for Graham Heagney in 1968 and rode for Bart Cumming, Colin Hayes and other trainers with-in the Thoroughbred Industry.

In my spare time, I educate young horse and break them in as well. How I became a jockey? When I was a baby (Blue), I was given an blood transfusion by a Jockey named Jimmy Johnson, which is in my blood.

Horse                                            Trainers

Rain Lover                                  Mike Robin

British Luck                                 Graham Heagney

Bornella                                       "             "

Gratis                                           "            "

Taj Rossi                                      Bart Cummings

Think Big                                    "             "

Crown                                         "             "

Plunder Road                              "              "

The Fop                                       "              "

Merry Heart                                 Colin Hayes

Jade's Joy                                    Allen Doe

                         There are many more

I also rode in the 'Gawler Hunt Cup' (Steeple Chase) on a horse called Jade's Joy for Allen doe. I won this race by a winning marin of 360 Lenght by 5 Length on a heavy track that will never be broken even today.











































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