Over the last 40 years it has ben a rollercoaster. Both positive and negative situations as relationships form while others come to a close. Countless times I have attempted to start and be a family but stupidity always got me in trouble. Today, I am extremely lucky to have Sarah in my life and her willingness for me to father her 3 children. They all are my sole focus and my motivation is to give them what they lack greatly: a supportive father. Spending most of my adult life in prison, my social skills are limited, which I hope to change through this chance in building personal and professional social skills.

My Experiences

I have lived in W.A. and QLD and the difference in experience is remarkable. While W.A. seems to work at oppressing its residents, QLD tends to be more realistic. After experiencing living over east, I can not accept the complete disregard in Human Rights Violations and excessive overreach and misconduct by the D.P.P and Police mainly in sex based cases. A governmental abuse of power is the implementation of the Post Sentence Supervision Order (P.S.S.O) Human Rights Violations. If anyone researches it, obtains a copy of the P.S.S.O fact sheet people will identify approximately 7 or more direct violations and a few direct contradictions to the Sentencing Act and Sentence Administration Act. If I were to identify one experience I enjoyed the most: it was Christmas/New Years at Cardwell with mother J


My hobbies are varied, from music composing (via Fruity Loops and Casio keyboard) to UHF/VHF Communications. I also enjoy running my own servers such as:

            Internet Relay Chat (IRC)



            Hosting Solutions

I also enjoy network security, penetrations testing and finding vulnerabilities in my networks.

Gaming (Guild Wars 2) for PC is my absolute passion when I ever get back to it, however, atm I have an Xbox 360 here so all I do is game. I can be considered as a dedicated gamer. Current Gamer score 68608G.

Of course motor racing, but also customising my vehicles must have a kicken stereo. Also Raving … still. DEFQON 1!!



            Happy Hardcore, Hardstyle, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Hard Trance, Psy 

            Trance, Euphoric Trance, A few songs of Country … Dubstep remixes of 

            course ie: Adele

            Some stuff I have done can be located at www.yourlisten.com

            DJ Fragglez – Children (Dub Remix) ((Yes a Robert Miles cover))

                                    Happiness in Loneliness

TV Series

That is rather extensive. For those computer enthusiasts, I know appreciation would be for Mr Robot. One of the best and most realistic series on tv at this time. I can’t wait for season 4!!

I enjoy the Marvel, DC series and that is to no thanks to my friend Kyle!! Red vs Blue, Lucifer, basically any sci-fi series.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Essay: Government Surveillance: Privacy and Security in a Digital Society by Clynton Jeffery Guazzelli