Hi. I'm John Glascott and I am currently at the Ravenhall Correction Centre in Victoria, Australia. I spend most of my time in my cell working on my legal matter.

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I would call myself a spiritual type of person and am seeking pen pals from who ever knows the fact that we are not alone. Plus I am seeking to employ a person to type up documents and do photocopying. I plan to pay them at an hourly rate.

Here is the photo of my two daughters.

090418 Attachment from John Glascott


This is my friend Jenor Tayag, she's from the Phillippines and her wish is to visit Australia one day.





 Documents as submitted by John.



These are my latest pictures (November 2018).


This is my sister Debbie Anne who died in the year of 1988. I am still thinkin of you sis, love your brother John.


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